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Axxcelerate Your Trials

Clinical Trials Portal Solution

Litéra AxxiTRIALS, a secure portal solution that speeds trial operations processes from Feasibility to Close-Out, helping complete studies on time, on budget and with the quality of data required.

Litéra AxxiTRIALS reduces trial start-up and operations management staff time by approximately 65% on average throughout the life of the trial by automating feasibility survey management, document exchange and signature, trip reporting, communication, training, safety alerts, task tracking, status reporting and archiving processes - all in one system that integrates with existing systems.

At the clinical research sites, AxxiTRIALS reduces time spent by PIs, and study site coordinators by simplifying and streamlining their technology experience with a single touch point for all the trial’s content and systems. Site engagement is increased with leaderboards, community tools, live access to CRO staff and more.

Finally, all sponsors want transparency into the status of their trials and today some are seeking self-serve. Litéra AxxiTRIALS is the only portal that delivers real-time reporting of all KPIs, including leading and lagging indicators in a graphical snap-shot view, with drill-down to whatever level of detail they desire.

Clinical Trials Communication Network
Axxelerating Clinical Trials

The AxxiTRIALS Feasibility Module

  From the Site's perspective
  From the CRO/Sponsor's perspective

Key Features

  • Survey Tool: full feature custom survey tool
  • Survey invite system with automated login information included
  • Data prepoplate functionality
  • Automated Reminder System
  • Robust reporting with drill down for details
  • AxxiTRACKER, site level reporting and tracking tool included!