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Accelerating Study Site Startup with Axxivation™

Getting sites activated quickly and efficiently is key to launching and managing a successful clinical trial. Axxivation™, the site activation module of the AxxiTRIALS Portal, is designed to enable Sponsors and CROs to process regulatory documents with the same powerful tools of AxxiTRIALS but with specific attention to each individual site and their startup process.

Axxivation provides a clear and concise central repository for all the regulatory documentation required to move the study through the process of site activation. Site-specific messaging that administrators control includes event calendar and news on the dashboard, as well as notifications and reminders about documents. The Axxivation document management tool, DocuViewerTM, brings clarity and order to managing startup documents. DocuViewer has been meticulously designed to be simple and informative, easy to use by both study sites and Sponsor/CRO staff. And just like all of AxxiTRIALS, startup documents and related data can be passed easily to Sponsor/CRO internal systems via secure web services.

Auto-packaging & distribution of documents
Signature, eSignature & countersignature
Version control & full activity audit capabilities
Summary reporting tools with site-level drill-down
Site-level dashboard & communications
Regulatory document distribution & tracking
21 CFR Part 11 compliant eSignature
Automated alerts & reminders