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Clinical Trials Portal Features

Clinical Trials Portal
The Investigator Dashboard is designed to be fast, friendly, engaging and painless. At a glance, the investigator can see how many alerts require their attention, read sponsor announcements, including 'Investigator of the Month', and view the latest recruitment leader on an interactive globe.
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Automated Document Exchange and Management System
The heart of the AxxiTRIALS is a powerful automated document exchange and management engine. The system AUTOMATICALLY distributes appropriate regulatory and safety documents, reminds users to complete their action items, collects their submissions, (including via directly emailing into the portal via AxxCELA Send), leverages workflow-driven approval routing, creates metadata, tracks status, posts to the site ebinder and generates management reports.
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RegDoc and Safety Alert Notifications

AxxiTRIALS automatically delivers notifications and reminders to sites about regulatory documents, elearning and other action items required as well as safety alerts, protocol changes and other important trial information. Users receive the notifications via email, fax or SMS based on their preferences. The can simply reply to the email and attach documents, or click through to view, read confirm, esign or access other content of interest.

  • Email, Fax, and SMS Notifications
  • Read Confirmation
  • New and Urgent Alerts
  • Notification, Read Tracking & Reminders
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Forum & Blog
Drug-specific blogs and trial-level forums allow the sponsor administrators to publish daily messages to which investigators and other community members can respond. Administrators easily moderate all posts.
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Trial Image Gallery
Collect and publish photos meetings, trainings, site visits, and other events for each clinical trial.
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Live Chat
AxxiTRIALS is the first CTP to introduce a real-time, secure live chat feature within the system. No third-party providers to add security risks, and like all of AxxiTRIALS there is no software to install. Sponsor and CRO project managers can chat directly with their investigators and study coordinators. All chats can be logged.
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Enrollment Tracking
Comparative recruitment metrics enable the investigator to easily see how they are doing in their recruitment compared to other countries or sites, motivating and encouraging them to strive for better performance.
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Training Center
Investigators easily access all posted training videos and documents in the Training Center and can save them to their 'favorites' in myBinder. Sponsors can set certain items to require 'read confirmation'.
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